Why I supported Donald Trump

I didn’t actually vote for Trump, I voted for Johnson. However, I knew he wasn’t going to win, so most of my support went to Trump.

The main reason I voted for Trump is because of states vs federal power. Obama really abused executive order, and it makes me very uncomfortable that we as Texans are not able to govern oursleves. Trump has taken the Republican stance that states should be able to govern themselves. For instance, I am a bisexual, support marriage equality, and glad it happened, but it should have never happened federally. We are the United States of America… not the Federal Union of America.

There were a ton of other reasons, but most just lead back to jobs, economy, and citizenship.

I pay a ton in taxes every year, as do all of my hardworking fellow Americans. I have three children and a stay at home wife/ care giver to our children. Under trumps tax plan, I would pay three percent less in general taxes and my wife’s hard work and contribution to society will be recognized as the very important job that it is by him and the IRS.

Also, I hate our rhetoric based education system. They never teach how to research reliable grammar or how to use logic. It’s just a rinse and repeat socialist education system. Trump supports other options. I am not a Christian, but I know many that want their children to be homeschooled. It is their right. It is my right to educate my children using the trivium and quadrivium. Instead of the halftruths and PC culture they are taught at public schools.

On the issue of foreign affairs… I’ll use Syria as an example. Our news media is feeding us lies and so is Obama. The UN peace council went to Syria and so have many independent reporters and they have very different stories than what our government is telling us. I encourage everyone to research this. We are setting up another reason to intervene, take oil, and set up whatever government we want there. Russia is trying to defend Syrians from terrorists that are atracking Syrian citizens. America isnt allowing things like medicine to be sent over there… its disgusting. Let’s say for a minute that the peace counsel is wrong and Assad is terrible… I don’t think it’s our lives that should be lost to fix it. It’s none of our business.

Trump also wants to punish those that break the law, which includes people that came here illegally. We need to make sure any welfare we give goes to our own people.

Trump is the furthest thing from racist in politics right now. He has literally received rewards because of his inclusion practices. Why people think differently is beyond me. Perhaps they haven’t actually done any research. I researched both candidates on this topic, because I am passionate about it, and there is a very clear winner. It is Trump, hands down.

Everytime someone quoted him, I went and read or watched what he actually said in its entirety and I was astounded by how he was being reresented vs what he actually said. I lost all faith in mainstream journalism and lost even more respect for my peers that spread the misquotes and fear mongering lies.

I wanted him to win based on policy. Plain and simple.

Also, about this whole “grab em” comment…. maybe it’s because I’m from the real world and not some bubble coastal city where all logic and reason has gone out the window but… I’ve heard much, much worse. I mean, grow up. I’d slap my son into next week if he said it, but to any man this isn’t exactly breaking news. I choose not to speak like that, but some of the most caring and respectful men I’ve known have said things like this behind closed doors to other men. It’s mostly for comedy or peacocking. Just another thing that when will never understand, because when they sing about ” Boys, Boys, Boys” it’s different to them. Because there is a double standard. And men lose on this double standard.

I also supported him in defiance to the Clinton family, as so many did, but it was not my main reason.

Had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee, I would have voted for him based on his policies that mirror a lot of what Donald Trump had to say. Some were gravely different, but they agreed on many important issues like intervention and jobs.

I was never a “Bernie Bro”, but I did want him to win…but he didn’t… so Trump it was. And Trump it is.

Hopefully every will calm down and let him try to make America great again. Because it’s not very great… our neighbors to the north in Canada are already losing their free speech bill by bill. I sure hope we aren’t next. Had Clintom won, we would have some speech rights within her first term… with Trump we are safe for at least four more years.