Why I supported Hillary Clinton

Longtime Republican who voted for Hillary because (1) Donald Trump repeatedly showed himself to be unhinged, incapable of making reasoned, thought-out decisions, and volatile to the point that I could not (and cannot now) imagine that he be put in charge of making important decisions for our country’s future, not to mention being privy to nuclear codes (regardless of political positions), (2) after that decision made, later determined that I could not support anyone making the sexist and racist statements he makes, and certainly could not explain to my children how I could support such a man, (3) the Republican party has strayed further and further from my values – I support limited government, free trade, etc. – I could not care less about who marries whom and kicking productive immigrants out of our country (a country that was founded by immigrants, and from an economic perspective our country benefits from them), (4) although I also do not support many of the Democratic party platforms, I felt that Hillary would likely govern from a point of moderatism and was unlikely to do significant damage to this country in 4 or 8 years, and that she would certainly respect the framework of this country’s system, including checks and balances, freedom of press and expression, respect toward all, etc., and (5) there is no doubt that Hillary was by far the most qualified candidate, in terms of experience, of all of them in this election (primaries included). As time went on, I grew to respect her more and more.