Why I supported Hillary Clinton

Let’s face it – there were only two possible winning candidates in this race. I am not fond of Hillary Clinton. She seems to be somewhat out of touch with “the common person” and for reasons I can’t put my finger on (the media, perhaps?), I don’t have a lot of trust in her. I also would like to see change from the same old Washington establishment. However, Trump is pretty much a complete unknown, with almost no programs put forth outside of wanting to improve our infrastructure (which I support), he’s a misogynist, he has a habit of taking criticism personally and responding by attacking the adversary with full firepower (a very scary trait in a person with his finger on our nuclear arsenal), and he seems to change his mind on a whim. I found Clinton to be an uninspiring choice, and Trump to be totally unfit as a choice. And, being basically a Democrat, I would rather see a democrat choosing our next several Supreme Court justices than a Republican.