Why I supported Donald Trump

I supported him first of all because he is a businessman and I believe this country needs to be run as a business. I do not like too much socialism the Democratic party is now the Socialist Party also do not like politically correct it has ruined this country. Obama has followed the theories of Sal Alinsky who was a radical in the seventies and who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals on how the government can take over a country. Hillary Clinton was Alinsky student she was a Republican and then turned Democrat while she was in college under his influence. The political elitists who are both on both sides of the political scene Republicans and Democrats are too powerful they have too much control over this country and electing Donald Trump will put a stop to this he is not one of them. We need to unite this country there’s too much anger and animosity. They were also too many rules put on small business they are struggling people are being paid less than they were when Reagan was President. There are too many people out of work too many companies have gone out of this country.