Why I supported Donald Trump

Supported is such a strong word. It was more of a vote against Hillary and a vote for the person closest (though not close) to my principles. Sorry for the long winded description below (you said specific!), so if you don’t want to read it boils down to Hillary’s corruption & deceit, her poor performance in public office, her promise of 4 more years of Obama, a desire to shake up the establishment, and finally that Trump’s stated principles most closely aligned to mine.

Firstly, Hillary’s involvement in corruption and deceit is long standing. I see her as someone who has been cunning and powerful enough to escape normal repurcutions that for most of us would have been career limiting or even freedom limiting. It’s not just the pay-for-play (more on that later) or the email server (which I do believe was a deliberate way to circumvent FOIA laws and risked national security), but its the history. It’s too long to list but it also includes: Cattle futures, Travelgate, Lincoln Bedroom, Bengahzi…you know them and get the picture.

Secondly, I never got the “Hillary’s the most qualified”. Just because one had a job doesn’t make you particularly good at it, especially in politics. As SecState Hillary oversaw and push for actions which led to massive destabilization in Libya, Egypt and Syria (including assessment of Assad) and then not addressing the resulting Arab Spring. The Benghazi debacle – where facts later confirmed both a coverup of the story and the fact that military resources were indeed available & at her disposal. Failed reset of the Russia relationship. As FLOTUS, she failed HillaryCare, the picks Bill let her make for AttnyGen (Baird, Wood, Reno) as well as her documented recommendations WJC of Web Hubble, Vince Foster and William Kennedy. She’s just performed poorly, period. I’d rather take a risk on an unknown than an known poor performer.

Thirdly, she promised 4 more years of Obama. I didn’t know what would happen when we voted in Obama – he came in on Hope and Change but a lot of unknowns about the guy. When I take a step back I see the following: an economy that didn’t recover, a highly divided nation both politically and racially, a signature legislation that didn’t include minority consultation and is economically failing, a deal with Iran that was clearly misguided and pushed through on deceit (see NYT article of May 5). Those offset the positives of pre-existing conditions/broader healthcare and formal recognition of love outside of man/woman.

Fourthly, shaking up the establishment. The pay-for-play scheme, I’m convinced, is a problem for both sides of the aisle. Now, Clinton and the foundation may have mastered it, but I am well aware of Republicans “requiring” fundraisers to be given by their constituents in order to get a meeting. As Chuck Dodd said one morning on MTP, “What’s the big deal (referencing Clinton’s pay-to-play)? Everyone knows money grants access in Washington. It’s the way it works.” …or something to that effect. Well, I just don’t believe that’s the way it should be. I couldn’t get a meeting (request was 5 minutes with my young daughter) with either my Rep or Senator Cruz when in Washington. Sen Cornyn was available for a group meeting with constituents which I appreciated, but a one-on-one was not available. Things need to change. I really like Trumps #1 action on his 100 day plan – term limits for congress. If he can get that passed, the presidency will be successful.

Lastly, Trumps positions most closely reflect mine. A couple of them as this could get REALLY verbose… I believe in controlled immigration – check in on the way in and on the way out…happy to have you..and if you want to be a citizen, get in line. While I do not believe that the feds should be involved in social issues (such as marriage, how bathrooms get used, death penalty, illegality of certain drugs) I do believe that an unborn child deserves to have their rights protected. I speak for he/she who cannot speak for themselves. Specifically, late term abortions must be outlawed. Fetus survival rates exceed 50% after 23 weeks…at a minimum those babies should have THEIR rights protected. Hillary and Trumps comments in the last debate were dead clear on this subject. Finally, I believe in less federal government and more state choice. This is how we were born as a nation and the great thing about it is that we are free to move from one state to another. It actually provides CHOICE! If you like a more liberal leaning place with mountains, that’s available, a middle ground with a beach, you can get that too, cold climate but strongly conservative it’s available. It seems that we have forgotten our roots, that the US was born of freedoms and the lunacy of a strong federal government. The more decentralized the more choice we have and the better opportunities we have to be in a place that makes us happy, individually and within our local community.