Why I supported Donald Trump

I think there are many reasons why people would support Donald Trump. Personally, I supported him because the thought of 4 more years of a democrat leading this country would bring more of the same. Higher taxes, worse health care plan deals, stale economy, etc.. I didn’t see Hillary changing anything for the better. I have no problem with a woman president. I wish I could say I voted for the first woman president. maybe next time, just not Hillary. She is too connected to lobbyist and special interest that I believe she has already been bought and paid for. Under a Hillary presidency, banks and big business will be running the country. That is something I cannot support.

There were a lot of negative things said about both candidates (whether true or untrue we may never know) so to make a choice based on who may have said or done something without considering their platforms would be a mistake. I based my selection off of the candidates platforms and what they said they would do if elected.

Now the reason why Trump won, i think is a combination of a few things. Donald connected with the people of America. Hillary has to fake that, and it shows. I think a lot of people across the country who would have traditionally voted democrat changed their minds and voted for him because they actually liked his policies, immigration, health care reform (fix obamacare), lower taxes. one thing I think is odd is that these same people probably would have voted for Bernie had he been the dem nominee.

I think the minority vote was underestimated as well. Many minority groups voted for Trump, again because of his policies, where ‘traditionally’ they would have voted democratic. It seemed to me that the DNC were putting out most of the racially divisive speech and generally ugly hate ads. I think people saw that and picked up on it and decided to not be a part of that negativity.