I have wanted to be inspired by HRC for a very long time, but I am not. I was baffled that anyone would choose her over President Obama in the primaries eight years ago (though I have had a few friends explain to me reasons later that made sense, such as feeling more certain that she actually stood where she said she did on certain issues, given her verifiable record, as opposed to the relative newcomer who spoke so eloquently but could not offer a record to show he would actually act as promised at the time). I do question whether, somewhere, deep down, I have my own different requirements for a female candidate; I hope that is not the case. Regardless, neither she nor her husband have ever made me feel that I can fully trust them, that they are open and honest, sincere. I am, however, not a child, and I do not require that I continue to have the swell of pride I have so often had in my heart (and mind) when my President (and/or his wife) speak or act. As far as I am concerned, Donald Trump is a person who, in of any of the one following categories, though, unbelievably, in his case, ALL of them, fails by a disturbing margin to be trusted to clean my toilet, much less lead our nation or serve anything within range of a respectable role model for my children and all the children of our nation: character, temperament, intelligence, intellectual curiosity, self-control, basic human values, compassion, self-reflection, honesty, dignity, humility, grace, selflessness. I could go on. I would vote for most people I have ever met before I would vote for Trump.