Why I supported Donald Trump

I supported Donald Trump for multiple reasons. But did I vote for Donald Trump because I felt he was the best choice? Nope! A vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary Clinton. A vote for Johnson or Stein is a wasted vote. As a person that doesn’t support fraud, thievery, deception, and murder, I do not support Hillary Clinton.

I have a friend that is in the United States Coast Guard. If he even prints a confidential email and takes it home he would go to jail for sure. Guaranteed. How many did Clinton take home? She said sorry so no problem? After a subpoena she wiped her drives? When she was questioned why she wiped the drives she said “what? like wiped with a towel?” That’s not presidential material.

Donald Trump is an ordinary politician… Not! He has no filter. He says what he’s thinking. You know he’s not hiding anything; he says everything that comes to mind. He funded his own campaign. He submits to zero special interests. Trump speaks for the little people and the big people. He has real experience in business and not in the business of saying he supports homosexuality and taking money from countries that murder gays. He doesn’t take money from or support countries that shoot bombs that have antisemitic messages on the side. America has no better ally than the state of Israel and Trump is aware of it. His policies are spot on but words cannot describe how perfect his policies are on immigration. Making immigration harder isn’t racist. Building a wall isn’t racist. Trump has high standards; he has one of those “if you’re not first, you’re last” personalities. Trump will be tough on ISIS; Hillary won’t even refer to them as radical islamic terrorists because she doesn’t want to offend the people that are killing innocent humans. He wants to keep nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands. And mostly why will Trump be the better president? Because he said he will be.