Why I supported Hillary Clinton

She was a default choice. I was firmly behind Bernie Sanders. And here is why. The cost involved in living is high enough to inhibit creative experiments, invention, a lifetime of learning and growth. The biggest hurdle these days is the cost of health care, health insurance and college tuition or tuition loans. At the same time there is a attitude about consuming that is about finding the cheapest solution or object. The anonymity of purchasing from large stores means that no one has direct contact with those that make things and so we don’t really care if they are getting paid well or if they are living a good life. Employment is less about being part of a team than it is about profits. So many times people end up stuck in jobs that offer little pride in the results, or squeeze every last drop of enthusiasm out of a worker. The wealth at the top is entirely meaningless if it does not circulate towards great visions for everyone. Those at the top should be there because they have a very large vision and they see money as a means toward something greater. One of the best ways to make living a little easier, if you are at the financial bottom, is reducing the costs of just staying alive and that means health care should not cost all a person’s earned income. The process of disentangling out of the current model of heath care is a very messy one, but so far no one sees or have the courage to make the shift. Bernie Sanders has the courage.