Why I supported Hillary Clinton

I was originally leaning towards Bernie Sanders in the primaries for the same reason I supported Obama over Hillary in 2008: I didn’t want another political dynasty to reign over the White House, having just had the Bushes in power for 12 of the previous 20 years prior to the ’08 election. I felt we knew what we would be getting with another Clinton, and I’d rather keep things fresh.

And yet… I ended up voting for Hillary over Bernie in the primaries. My wife ultimately swayed me to support HRC because, as my wife put it, Hillary represented the best opportunity of our lifetime for a woman to be elected president. I knew that either Bernie or Hillary would be much more representative of my interests than any of the potential republican candidates, but here presented an opportunity for a historic event. As the father of an eight-year-old girl, Hillary being elected would allow me to further reinforce to my daughter that women are capable of being whatever they want to be and doing whatever they want to do with their lives. Even be president. Having a daughter made me a stronger feminist, and I want every conceivable glass ceiling to be shattered before she could ever encounter one.

Aside from the historic potential of her being elected, I strongly supported Hillary’s social policies over Trump’s in the general election. I teach at a college that largely services a growing minority community, and I am concerned for the treatment of minorities under Trump. Furthermore, I believe Hillary would do more to protect and expand rights of LGBT Americans. I was in support of her plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, and I thought she would do more to protect voting rights and improve public education. I also am a supporter of more gun regulation, and Hillary was clearly the better candidate on that issue. And, most obviously, she was the superior candidate for expanding women’s rights and opportunities.

Trump, to me, has always been about Trump. I didn’t believe at the time, nor do I now, that he has anyone else’s best interests at heart other than his own. I fear he views his campaign and subsequent presidency as one big business opportunity for his commercial empire. He’s a selfish, opportunistic, misogynistic bully that has enflamed racial tensions while stacking lies upon insults upon lies. Ultimately, I don’t believe that what’s been good for Trump will also be good for the rest of America.