I was originally leaning towards Bernie Sanders in the primaries for the same reason I supported Obama over Hillary in 2008: I didn’t want another political dynasty to reign over the White House, having just had the Bushes in power for 12 of the previous 20 years prior to the ’08 election. I felt we knew what we would be getting with another Clinton, and I’d rather keep things fresh.

And yet… I ended up voting for Hillary over Bernie in the primaries. My wife ultimately swayed me to support HRC because, as my wife put it, Hillary represented the best opportunity of our lifetime for a woman to be elected president. I knew that either Bernie or Hillary would be much more representative of my interests than any of the potential republican candidates, but here presented an opportunity for a historic event. As the father of an eight-year-old girl, Hillary being elected would allow me to further reinforce to my daughter that women are capable of being whatever they want to be and doing whatever they want to do with their lives. Even be president. Having a daughter made me a stronger feminist, and I want every conceivable glass ceiling to be shattered before she could ever encounter one.

Aside from the historic potential of her being elected, I strongly supported Hillary’s social policies over Trump’s in the general election. I teach at a college that largely services a growing minority community, and I am concerned for the treatment of minorities under Trump. Furthermore, I believe Hillary would do more to protect and expand rights of LGBT Americans. I was in support of her plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, and I thought she would do more to protect voting rights and improve public education. I also am a supporter of more gun regulation, and Hillary was clearly the better candidate on that issue. And, most obviously, she was the superior candidate for expanding women’s rights and opportunities.

Trump, to me, has always been about Trump. I didn’t believe at the time, nor do I now, that he has anyone else’s best interests at heart other than his own. I fear he views his campaign and subsequent presidency as one big business opportunity for his commercial empire. He’s a selfish, opportunistic, misogynistic bully that has enflamed racial tensions while stacking lies upon insults upon lies. Ultimately, I don’t believe that what’s been good for Trump will also be good for the rest of America.

She was a default choice. I was firmly behind Bernie Sanders. And here is why. The cost involved in living is high enough to inhibit creative experiments, invention, a lifetime of learning and growth. The biggest hurdle these days is the cost of health care, health insurance and college tuition or tuition loans. At the same time there is a attitude about consuming that is about finding the cheapest solution or object. The anonymity of purchasing from large stores means that no one has direct contact with those that make things and so we don’t really care if they are getting paid well or if they are living a good life. Employment is less about being part of a team than it is about profits. So many times people end up stuck in jobs that offer little pride in the results, or squeeze every last drop of enthusiasm out of a worker. The wealth at the top is entirely meaningless if it does not circulate towards great visions for everyone. Those at the top should be there because they have a very large vision and they see money as a means toward something greater. One of the best ways to make living a little easier, if you are at the financial bottom, is reducing the costs of just staying alive and that means health care should not cost all a person’s earned income. The process of disentangling out of the current model of heath care is a very messy one, but so far no one sees or have the courage to make the shift. Bernie Sanders has the courage.

I supported Donald Trump for multiple reasons. But did I vote for Donald Trump because I felt he was the best choice? Nope! A vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary Clinton. A vote for Johnson or Stein is a wasted vote. As a person that doesn’t support fraud, thievery, deception, and murder, I do not support Hillary Clinton.

I have a friend that is in the United States Coast Guard. If he even prints a confidential email and takes it home he would go to jail for sure. Guaranteed. How many did Clinton take home? She said sorry so no problem? After a subpoena she wiped her drives? When she was questioned why she wiped the drives she said “what? like wiped with a towel?” That’s not presidential material.

Donald Trump is an ordinary politician… Not! He has no filter. He says what he’s thinking. You know he’s not hiding anything; he says everything that comes to mind. He funded his own campaign. He submits to zero special interests. Trump speaks for the little people and the big people. He has real experience in business and not in the business of saying he supports homosexuality and taking money from countries that murder gays. He doesn’t take money from or support countries that shoot bombs that have antisemitic messages on the side. America has no better ally than the state of Israel and Trump is aware of it. His policies are spot on but words cannot describe how perfect his policies are on immigration. Making immigration harder isn’t racist. Building a wall isn’t racist. Trump has high standards; he has one of those “if you’re not first, you’re last” personalities. Trump will be tough on ISIS; Hillary won’t even refer to them as radical islamic terrorists because she doesn’t want to offend the people that are killing innocent humans. He wants to keep nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands. And mostly why will Trump be the better president? Because he said he will be.

I think there are many reasons why people would support Donald Trump. Personally, I supported him because the thought of 4 more years of a democrat leading this country would bring more of the same. Higher taxes, worse health care plan deals, stale economy, etc.. I didn’t see Hillary changing anything for the better. I have no problem with a woman president. I wish I could say I voted for the first woman president. maybe next time, just not Hillary. She is too connected to lobbyist and special interest that I believe she has already been bought and paid for. Under a Hillary presidency, banks and big business will be running the country. That is something I cannot support.

There were a lot of negative things said about both candidates (whether true or untrue we may never know) so to make a choice based on who may have said or done something without considering their platforms would be a mistake. I based my selection off of the candidates platforms and what they said they would do if elected.

Now the reason why Trump won, i think is a combination of a few things. Donald connected with the people of America. Hillary has to fake that, and it shows. I think a lot of people across the country who would have traditionally voted democrat changed their minds and voted for him because they actually liked his policies, immigration, health care reform (fix obamacare), lower taxes. one thing I think is odd is that these same people probably would have voted for Bernie had he been the dem nominee.

I think the minority vote was underestimated as well. Many minority groups voted for Trump, again because of his policies, where ‘traditionally’ they would have voted democratic. It seemed to me that the DNC were putting out most of the racially divisive speech and generally ugly hate ads. I think people saw that and picked up on it and decided to not be a part of that negativity.

Supported is such a strong word. It was more of a vote against Hillary and a vote for the person closest (though not close) to my principles. Sorry for the long winded description below (you said specific!), so if you don’t want to read it boils down to Hillary’s corruption & deceit, her poor performance in public office, her promise of 4 more years of Obama, a desire to shake up the establishment, and finally that Trump’s stated principles most closely aligned to mine.

Firstly, Hillary’s involvement in corruption and deceit is long standing. I see her as someone who has been cunning and powerful enough to escape normal repurcutions that for most of us would have been career limiting or even freedom limiting. It’s not just the pay-for-play (more on that later) or the email server (which I do believe was a deliberate way to circumvent FOIA laws and risked national security), but its the history. It’s too long to list but it also includes: Cattle futures, Travelgate, Lincoln Bedroom, Bengahzi…you know them and get the picture.

Secondly, I never got the “Hillary’s the most qualified”. Just because one had a job doesn’t make you particularly good at it, especially in politics. As SecState Hillary oversaw and push for actions which led to massive destabilization in Libya, Egypt and Syria (including assessment of Assad) and then not addressing the resulting Arab Spring. The Benghazi debacle – where facts later confirmed both a coverup of the story and the fact that military resources were indeed available & at her disposal. Failed reset of the Russia relationship. As FLOTUS, she failed HillaryCare, the picks Bill let her make for AttnyGen (Baird, Wood, Reno) as well as her documented recommendations WJC of Web Hubble, Vince Foster and William Kennedy. She’s just performed poorly, period. I’d rather take a risk on an unknown than an known poor performer.

Thirdly, she promised 4 more years of Obama. I didn’t know what would happen when we voted in Obama – he came in on Hope and Change but a lot of unknowns about the guy. When I take a step back I see the following: an economy that didn’t recover, a highly divided nation both politically and racially, a signature legislation that didn’t include minority consultation and is economically failing, a deal with Iran that was clearly misguided and pushed through on deceit (see NYT article of May 5). Those offset the positives of pre-existing conditions/broader healthcare and formal recognition of love outside of man/woman.

Fourthly, shaking up the establishment. The pay-for-play scheme, I’m convinced, is a problem for both sides of the aisle. Now, Clinton and the foundation may have mastered it, but I am well aware of Republicans “requiring” fundraisers to be given by their constituents in order to get a meeting. As Chuck Dodd said one morning on MTP, “What’s the big deal (referencing Clinton’s pay-to-play)? Everyone knows money grants access in Washington. It’s the way it works.” …or something to that effect. Well, I just don’t believe that’s the way it should be. I couldn’t get a meeting (request was 5 minutes with my young daughter) with either my Rep or Senator Cruz when in Washington. Sen Cornyn was available for a group meeting with constituents which I appreciated, but a one-on-one was not available. Things need to change. I really like Trumps #1 action on his 100 day plan – term limits for congress. If he can get that passed, the presidency will be successful.

Lastly, Trumps positions most closely reflect mine. A couple of them as this could get REALLY verbose… I believe in controlled immigration – check in on the way in and on the way out…happy to have you..and if you want to be a citizen, get in line. While I do not believe that the feds should be involved in social issues (such as marriage, how bathrooms get used, death penalty, illegality of certain drugs) I do believe that an unborn child deserves to have their rights protected. I speak for he/she who cannot speak for themselves. Specifically, late term abortions must be outlawed. Fetus survival rates exceed 50% after 23 weeks…at a minimum those babies should have THEIR rights protected. Hillary and Trumps comments in the last debate were dead clear on this subject. Finally, I believe in less federal government and more state choice. This is how we were born as a nation and the great thing about it is that we are free to move from one state to another. It actually provides CHOICE! If you like a more liberal leaning place with mountains, that’s available, a middle ground with a beach, you can get that too, cold climate but strongly conservative it’s available. It seems that we have forgotten our roots, that the US was born of freedoms and the lunacy of a strong federal government. The more decentralized the more choice we have and the better opportunities we have to be in a place that makes us happy, individually and within our local community.

I don’t particularly like Clinton (although I think a lot of the bad stuff said about her is just propaganda). But the alternative was so terrible that I felt I had no choice. Especially once the polls showed her in striking distance in Texas. My vote was a vote against the fascism of Trump, which he has proven time and time again since getting elected. He was a clown amusingly made fun of by Spy in the 90s–I would never have expected a buffoon like him to be electable. But apparently a large majority of white Americans want to be ruled by a Nazi. Thanks guys. And to heck with you.

I am a progressive liberal living in Texas, a state that is a few elections away from becoming a blue haven. Since I live in a red state, I voted for Jill Stein for President, as I did four years ago. Had I resided in a battleground state, I would have voted Democrat for President and kept my down ballot votes for Green Party candidates when available. I think the two party system is problematic for this country, I vote Green for two reasons:

1 – Their policy proposals match my own ideas about a progressive society
2 – I hope that eventually their vote totals will allow their platform into debates, media coverage, and the overall political conversation.

I supported him first of all because he is a businessman and I believe this country needs to be run as a business. I do not like too much socialism the Democratic party is now the Socialist Party also do not like politically correct it has ruined this country. Obama has followed the theories of Sal Alinsky who was a radical in the seventies and who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals on how the government can take over a country. Hillary Clinton was Alinsky student she was a Republican and then turned Democrat while she was in college under his influence. The political elitists who are both on both sides of the political scene Republicans and Democrats are too powerful they have too much control over this country and electing Donald Trump will put a stop to this he is not one of them. We need to unite this country there’s too much anger and animosity. They were also too many rules put on small business they are struggling people are being paid less than they were when Reagan was President. There are too many people out of work too many companies have gone out of this country.

Hillary was (and still is) the most qualified candidate, with 30 years experience helping a majority of the people in this country. She had a broad coalition of support that reflected the growing diversity of this nation. While I would’ve voted for any democratic candidate, I think Hillary’s example of reaching across the aisle would’ve served her well in implementing left-leaning policies with a divided legislature. While I appreciate Bernie Sanders’ pushing the DNC to embrace more populist and less corporate positions, I do not think he would have been able to muster a winning coalition of minority voters or survived rigorous opposition research. My vote was enthusiastically for Hillary.