I was originally leaning towards Bernie Sanders in the primaries for the same reason I supported Obama over Hillary in 2008: I didn’t want another political dynasty to reign over the White House, having just had the Bushes in power for 12 of the previous 20 years prior to the ’08 election. I felt we knew what we would be getting with another Clinton, and I’d rather keep things fresh.

And yet… I ended up voting for Hillary over Bernie in the primaries. My wife ultimately swayed me to support HRC because, as my wife put it, Hillary represented the best opportunity of our lifetime for a woman to be elected president. I knew that either Bernie or Hillary would be much more representative of my interests than any of the potential republican candidates, but here presented an opportunity for a historic event. As the father of an eight-year-old girl, Hillary being elected would allow me to further reinforce to my daughter that women are capable of being whatever they want to be and doing whatever they want to do with their lives. Even be president. Having a daughter made me a stronger feminist, and I want every conceivable glass ceiling to be shattered before she could ever encounter one.

Aside from the historic potential of her being elected, I strongly supported Hillary’s social policies over Trump’s in the general election. I teach at a college that largely services a growing minority community, and I am concerned for the treatment of minorities under Trump. Furthermore, I believe Hillary would do more to protect and expand rights of LGBT Americans. I was in support of her plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, and I thought she would do more to protect voting rights and improve public education. I also am a supporter of more gun regulation, and Hillary was clearly the better candidate on that issue. And, most obviously, she was the superior candidate for expanding women’s rights and opportunities.

Trump, to me, has always been about Trump. I didn’t believe at the time, nor do I now, that he has anyone else’s best interests at heart other than his own. I fear he views his campaign and subsequent presidency as one big business opportunity for his commercial empire. He’s a selfish, opportunistic, misogynistic bully that has enflamed racial tensions while stacking lies upon insults upon lies. Ultimately, I don’t believe that what’s been good for Trump will also be good for the rest of America.

She was a default choice. I was firmly behind Bernie Sanders. And here is why. The cost involved in living is high enough to inhibit creative experiments, invention, a lifetime of learning and growth. The biggest hurdle these days is the cost of health care, health insurance and college tuition or tuition loans. At the same time there is a attitude about consuming that is about finding the cheapest solution or object. The anonymity of purchasing from large stores means that no one has direct contact with those that make things and so we don’t really care if they are getting paid well or if they are living a good life. Employment is less about being part of a team than it is about profits. So many times people end up stuck in jobs that offer little pride in the results, or squeeze every last drop of enthusiasm out of a worker. The wealth at the top is entirely meaningless if it does not circulate towards great visions for everyone. Those at the top should be there because they have a very large vision and they see money as a means toward something greater. One of the best ways to make living a little easier, if you are at the financial bottom, is reducing the costs of just staying alive and that means health care should not cost all a person’s earned income. The process of disentangling out of the current model of heath care is a very messy one, but so far no one sees or have the courage to make the shift. Bernie Sanders has the courage.

I don’t particularly like Clinton (although I think a lot of the bad stuff said about her is just propaganda). But the alternative was so terrible that I felt I had no choice. Especially once the polls showed her in striking distance in Texas. My vote was a vote against the fascism of Trump, which he has proven time and time again since getting elected. He was a clown amusingly made fun of by Spy in the 90s–I would never have expected a buffoon like him to be electable. But apparently a large majority of white Americans want to be ruled by a Nazi. Thanks guys. And to heck with you.

Hillary was (and still is) the most qualified candidate, with 30 years experience helping a majority of the people in this country. She had a broad coalition of support that reflected the growing diversity of this nation. While I would’ve voted for any democratic candidate, I think Hillary’s example of reaching across the aisle would’ve served her well in implementing left-leaning policies with a divided legislature. While I appreciate Bernie Sanders’ pushing the DNC to embrace more populist and less corporate positions, I do not think he would have been able to muster a winning coalition of minority voters or survived rigorous opposition research. My vote was enthusiastically for Hillary.

Let’s face it – there were only two possible winning candidates in this race. I am not fond of Hillary Clinton. She seems to be somewhat out of touch with “the common person” and for reasons I can’t put my finger on (the media, perhaps?), I don’t have a lot of trust in her. I also would like to see change from the same old Washington establishment. However, Trump is pretty much a complete unknown, with almost no programs put forth outside of wanting to improve our infrastructure (which I support), he’s a misogynist, he has a habit of taking criticism personally and responding by attacking the adversary with full firepower (a very scary trait in a person with his finger on our nuclear arsenal), and he seems to change his mind on a whim. I found Clinton to be an uninspiring choice, and Trump to be totally unfit as a choice. And, being basically a Democrat, I would rather see a democrat choosing our next several Supreme Court justices than a Republican.

I have voted republican and democrat throughout the years. Yes I realize that makes me sound confused and disloyal but all candidates are different in their approach. In the last couple elections I voted democrat. While Hillary may have her own faults and misgivings, She’s still an experienced politician and knows the ways of Washington, foreign policy and our allies. I definitely trust her with those crucial areas. Donald has no experience and is so repulsive in his behavior. To call himself a republican is an insult to the party. Ronald Reagan was a republican, a good president and would never have behaved in such a disgusting manner. It’s too bad we won’t get a chance to see what Hillary could have done. All we can do now is hold our breath for the next four years. Or at least until he’s impeached.

I voted for Clinton because I felt she was the most qualified candidate. Based on the behavior of both candidates, I felt she was also the candidate that thought before speaking and had a good understanding of foreign and domestic affairs. I also fear the repercussions of a Trump presidency on those I hold most dear…my transgender daughter, my gay family members and friends, my immigrant friends, and women in general.

#1 reason: anyone but Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Donald has zero knowledge of the actual job or our government and Mike Pence put too much of his personal religious beliefs in how he governs

Longtime Republican who voted for Hillary because (1) Donald Trump repeatedly showed himself to be unhinged, incapable of making reasoned, thought-out decisions, and volatile to the point that I could not (and cannot now) imagine that he be put in charge of making important decisions for our country’s future, not to mention being privy to nuclear codes (regardless of political positions), (2) after that decision made, later determined that I could not support anyone making the sexist and racist statements he makes, and certainly could not explain to my children how I could support such a man, (3) the Republican party has strayed further and further from my values – I support limited government, free trade, etc. – I could not care less about who marries whom and kicking productive immigrants out of our country (a country that was founded by immigrants, and from an economic perspective our country benefits from them), (4) although I also do not support many of the Democratic party platforms, I felt that Hillary would likely govern from a point of moderatism and was unlikely to do significant damage to this country in 4 or 8 years, and that she would certainly respect the framework of this country’s system, including checks and balances, freedom of press and expression, respect toward all, etc., and (5) there is no doubt that Hillary was by far the most qualified candidate, in terms of experience, of all of them in this election (primaries included). As time went on, I grew to respect her more and more.