I am a republican, nay I was a republican. My vote was not so much an endorsement of her, but my utter revulsion of the lying demogauge that is Trump.

This election has given me the opportunity to look within myself and see that I am neither a democrat or republican, but something in between. I will never again hold my nose and vote. I hope the two parties see the message voters sent this year. They will be wise to see that the majority of voters did just that.

I do not support Donald Trump so much as can’t stand Clinton. Clinton is a fascist who voted for the patriot act. She refused to accept responsibility for deaths of the staff of the embassy in Benghazi including a personal friend of mine. She is an establishment candidate and her campaign is funded by big business and banks. She voted to bail out Wall Street. She will continue to hand over the reigns of the country to big business and let them dictate regulations to undermine competition. She will continue America’s interventionist foreign policy, meddling in other countries which has brought us so many enemies. She will continue to ruin American healthcare with the disastrous Obamacare, which allows citizens to game the system by going without insurance until they become sick, because insurance companies cannot reject pre-existing conditions. That is what causes health care rates to climb at such ridiculous rates for everyone who has health care.

She was the by far the most qualified candidate. Oh, she isn’t a proto-fascist, xenophobic, racist misogynist like our current president-elect. Those are just facts, as much as it pains me.

First off, I voted for experience. An entire life dedicated to public service is not something that I was able to overlook very easily. I fully realize that she had problems (email, Benghazi, etc.), but her experience outweighed any of that.
Secondly, Secretary Clinton received my vote because of her demeanor and attitude. I have lived through more than a few presidencies and a steady hand has always been needed while guiding our ship. Secretary Clinton never once responded to an attack in a manner that I felt was beneath the leader of our nation.
I also felt that Secretary Clinton would do her best to be a leader of ALL Americans. I’ll never know for sure, but it is apparent so far that President-Elect Trump is not going to be the public servant that I had hoped for.
As someone who has taught how government and politics works to students, I fully realize that times change and, with it, people’s attitudes. I know that technology has played an important role in elections since the advent of the internet. But, I expect my President to use technology in a manner that isn’t inflammatory. President-Elect Trump has not lived up to that hope, even after winning the election. Hillary Clinton has shown, at least publicly, nothing but the grace and demeanor that I expected from her.
I’m going to give the Trump Administration a chance, because I have no other choice now. But, this election has shown me that, even in my red state, I have to be more active. I am going to do what I can over the next two years to make sure that we don’t have a single-party government for long.

I have wanted to be inspired by HRC for a very long time, but I am not. I was baffled that anyone would choose her over President Obama in the primaries eight years ago (though I have had a few friends explain to me reasons later that made sense, such as feeling more certain that she actually stood where she said she did on certain issues, given her verifiable record, as opposed to the relative newcomer who spoke so eloquently but could not offer a record to show he would actually act as promised at the time). I do question whether, somewhere, deep down, I have my own different requirements for a female candidate; I hope that is not the case. Regardless, neither she nor her husband have ever made me feel that I can fully trust them, that they are open and honest, sincere. I am, however, not a child, and I do not require that I continue to have the swell of pride I have so often had in my heart (and mind) when my President (and/or his wife) speak or act. As far as I am concerned, Donald Trump is a person who, in of any of the one following categories, though, unbelievably, in his case, ALL of them, fails by a disturbing margin to be trusted to clean my toilet, much less lead our nation or serve anything within range of a respectable role model for my children and all the children of our nation: character, temperament, intelligence, intellectual curiosity, self-control, basic human values, compassion, self-reflection, honesty, dignity, humility, grace, selflessness. I could go on. I would vote for most people I have ever met before I would vote for Trump.